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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Windows 10 to be launched in July

Windows 10 July

It is clear that senior leadership at major Microsoft OEM and hardware partners is a bit more of a definitive timeline from Microsoft, although dates on that timeline could shift, of course.  AMD, like its archrival Intel Corp. (INTC) is among those who likely knows a bit better when Windows 10 will land.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Shezan Lighting Puzzle Game ! let the Logic Shoot the Circuit in your Brain!

Shezan Lighting Puzzle Game ! let the Logic Shoot ! 

Hey Guys ! I have created a new Game Shezan Lightning Puzzle ! If you like puzzle games you will love this one it is unique in its own way and has many features

- Complete Interface easy to understand
- Simple Logic just close down the bulb
- Lightning sounds 3D surround
- Special Effects 
- Supports all devices 
- Easy and challenging levels 
- Create different electric charges spiral
- Bounce against the side walls
Enjoy the Application and don't forget to share with friends and family! 

Click to Download : Shezan Lighting Puzzle

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Shezan Space Mission !

Try the Amazing Space Mission Game from Shezan Developer!

Hey Guys ! Another New Application from Shezan Developer an exciting space mission game that takes you through different levels.

Try eliminating the invasion of Aliens to your city

Enjoy and download Click the link to Download from Play Store Shezan Space Mission

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

New Bluetooth Wireless Game pad for Android , iOS amd Windows

New Bluetooth Wireless Game Pad for Android ,iOS and Windows!

Now Play your favorite games with full fledged and no worry about device getting hot !

Try Now it's cheap and available in Ebay Game Pad Android OS

No Need to Buy all those expensive games ! Now you can Patch them with out Root !

Are you tired of playing expensive games ! Don't waste your money on buying coins or other stuff 

Now ! You can play the expensive games without buying the expensive stuff from the games using the money you owe by using the Luck Patcher !

Lucky Patcher is an application for Android Users to patch games with any need of rooting the device

To download click Lucky Patcher

There is one disadvantage only local games can be patched which exclude it from server games

Sunday, March 22, 2015



I was browsing the web earlier and stumbled upon a giveaway that I thought you might enjoy (they're giving away Samsung Galaxy S6!) Enter to win here: 

When you enter using that link, I'll get an entry into the giveaway, too :) Thanks!

مرحبا شباب الآن مع تطبيقات شيزان المطور والذي يتح لكم أهم أخبار اليوم والأمس .

الآن مع تطبيقات شيزان  المطور والذي يتح لكم أهم أخبار اليوم والأمس .
يمكنك أن تفعل كل تلك المميزات المتنوعة حسب رغبتكم :
·         مشاهدة أخبار آخر 24 ساعة
·         البحث عن الأخبار التي تناسبك
·         تفعيل نغمة للأخبار التي تخص بك
·         اختيار لغة العرض في لوحة التحكم
·          أن يجعلها أبرز الأخبار بعد قراءتها
·         يمكنك وضع علامة  المفضلة لديك مع ميزة نجم
·         مشاهد جميع الأخبار المفضلة (نجم)
·         مشاركة الأخبار و  التصفح عبر الموقع
·         مشاهدة أخبار الفيديو
·         حذف المواضيع القديمة  ومزامنة مرة أخرى
·         تبادل المواضيع
·         -----------------------------------------
·         مشاهدة إحصائيات المنتدى

يا شباب هذا أفضل التطبيقات الذي تم إنشائه ولم يكن من الممكن القيام به من دون التحفيز والدعم من أصدقائي 
Shezan News Notifier

لا تنسوا أن تشاركوا  هذا التطبيق مع الأصدقاء والأهل  .